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7 factors to consider when choosing Invisalign clear aligners or braces

Up until fairly recently, traditional wire and bracket braces have been the only option available to those looking to straighten their teeth and improve their smile. However, orthodontics has swiftly evolved over the past decade to provide a clear, easier to maintain and more comfortable alternative to the braces we’ve become familiar with. Invisalign clear aligners have reshaped more than a million smiles around the world and transformed the experience involved in achieving straighter and healthier teeth.

Here are seven things you need to consider when choosing between Invisalign clear aligners and traditional braces to help perfect your smile.

1. The way they look.

Most people want to fix their teeth, but don’t want to look like they’re straight out of high school. While clear bracket alternatives to the traditional metal and wire braces provide a better solution than previously, the wiring is still visible.

On the other hand, most people don’t even notice when someone is wearing Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign clear aligners offers a virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth and smile.

2. The way they feel.

The wire and brackets of traditional braces can rub against and agitate the inside of your mouth. They can also feel uncomfortable during sports, particularly if your mouth is hit.

Invisalign treatment is comfortable to wear and, unlike braces that are permanently attached to your teeth, can be taken out whenever you need them to. This means you can do all the things you normally would, from brushing and flossing, to eating all the foods you enjoy and playing sport without discomfort.

The Invisalign treatment technology also ensures there is a gradual, gentle, yet effective movement of your teeth, which means you will notice less pain as your teeth move into their desired position.

3. The hygiene of your teeth.

Traditional braces can be easy to care for simply by brushing your teeth daily. However, it’s important to pay careful attention as food debris can get caught in the wires and cause damage to your braces and overall oral health.

Patients wearing Invisalign clear aligners can remove the retainers and rinse them thoroughly to remove any food particles, and then brush and floss their teeth as normal.

4. Dental appointments.

Thanks to improved technology, patients with braces generally need to visit their dentist to have their braces tightened around every four to six weeks. However, traditional braces may also require additional visits should a bracket or wire need repairing.

Profilo° Dental, when clinically appropriate, uses a Dental Monitoring app to help make the Invisalign treatment even easier. A world first remote monitoring solution for Invisalign treatment, your Profilo° Dental dentist can remotely track the movement and alignment of your teeth and provide new retainers based on your progress (click here to read four time World Champion Cliff Diver, Rhiannan Iffland’s experience using Invisalign treatment while traveling to compete). This radically reduces the number of dental appointments needed throughout your treatment and shortens the time you spend in your appointments, as your dentist can quickly see if your teeth are moving correctly.

5. The cost of your treatment.

The exact cost of your treatment, whether Invisalign clear aligners or traditional braces, will be determined by the complexity of your condition, the timeline in your treatment plan and your treatment provider. The cost of Invisalign treatment is comparable to traditional braces. You will need fewer appointments and you won’t need to make emergency visits to repair wires or brackets.

6. The complexity of your case.

The condition of your teeth, treatment needs and your lifestyle will ultimately determine whether your dentist recommends you have traditional braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign treatment can be used to treat most situations that traditional braces would.

7. Your treatment timeframe.

Because Invisalign clear aligners is tailor-made to your teeth and smile, your dentist is able to move your teeth with greater precision and comfort, meaning treatment is generally faster.
Making the decision to straighten your teeth is easier when you know Invisalign treatment lets you live life the way you want, with the flexibility and comfort.

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