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A Fast and Easy way to track your Orthodontic progress. The Dental Monitoring App is here.

Real-time tracking of your teeth from anywhere at anytime:

Dental Monitoring is the world's first smartphone-based monitoring solution for invisalign treatment. The app, produced by the Paris-based company of the same name, and provides real-time tracking of a patient's teeth using a self-shot video through their smartphones.

Why is Dental Monitoring such a big deal?

Being able to keep a close eye on how your teeth are moving means we can make your orthodontic treatment faster and more efficient, with fewer appointments needed to create your new smile.


How does Dental Monitoring work?

The Dental Monitoring app turns your smartphone into a remote monitoring device. After you activate your Dental Monitoring app, we are able to set text alerts that notify you when you need to take a video of your teeth, which are then uploaded into the app.

From here the videos are sent to Dental Monitoring for analysis and tooth movement is measured and compared to the last video uploaded. We are sent regular progress reports of images and graphs that map out how your treatment is evolving.

We are sent an alert should there be a loose bracket or poorly fitting aligner. Or when one of your treatment objectives has been reached.

We can send you corresponding messages through the app, either to come in for an appointment or to let you know treatment is on track and that you won’t need to come in. Dental Monitoring allows us to get ahead of problems and provide better treatment plans on a purely individual basis.


Dentistry Goes Digital

We started using Dental Monitoring almost a year ago, and our practice has now adopted a completely digital workflow. In fact, we are currently one of the very few practices to have no analogue treatment. Everything is digital, from scanning our patient's smile to designing their orthodontic treatment.

 Dental Monitoring is a natural addition to our practice. We have found that digitising the patient experience makes their treatment more comfortable and convenient, and improves our ease in communicating with them.


We know that digital scans are more comfortable for patients than traditional molds. The vibrantly colourful scans make it easier to discuss a patient's unique treatment needs. When we show patients a 3D simulation of how their smile will look like after treatment, they are able to visualise how it will look immediately.

In this way, we can provide our patients with state-of-the-art treatment while giving them the freedom to monitor their orthodontic treatment easily, quickly and when it suits them. The Dental Monitoring App really is a winner.

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