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Dental monitoring – a dental solution for busy lifestyles

Dental monitoring is the world’s first remote monitoring solution for orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign’s clear aligners. This advanced, orthodontic technology is compatible with your smartphone and allows your dentist to easily monitor and update your dental treatment on the road or overseas, without adding to your already busy lifestyle.

How does dental monitoring work?

The Dental Monitoring app is a revolutionary tool that captures the movement of your teeth in real time, and communicates this information directly to your Profilo° Dental doctor.

When you begin your treatment, your dentist will design a plan based on how they expects your teeth to move. Your dentist will ask you to download the Dental Monitoring app and walk you through how to capture quality dental images via your phone and upload them to the app. The images are then sent to your dentist to go through a 3D calculation process as well as a clinical review. You can also use the app to review your 3D matching, which is an animated rendition of your treatment progress to date.

Your dentist will use these ‘virtual check-ups’ to see how your teeth are moving and whether they’re in the desired position according to your tailored treatment plan.

Being able to track the movement of your teeth means your dentist knows exactly how fast your smile is changing. For example, if your teeth move faster than expected, the app will let you know you can move to your next Invisalign aligner ahead of schedule.

How does the dental monitoring, virtual check-up work?

The process involved in dental monitoring is simple:

  1. You download the dental monitoring app to your smartphone.
  2. The app will instruct you on how to take a photo scan of your teeth.
  3. The image is sent to your dentist for review. They will then provide an update on how your treatment is progressing.

What are the benefits of dental monitoring?

Dental monitoring allows us to check how your teeth are moving from wherever you are, so long as you have your smartphone handy. Four-time world champion cliff diver from Newcastle, Rhiannan Iffland is a long-time client and user of dental monitoring for her Invisalign clear aligners. Her dentist at Profilo° Dental uses dental monitoring to track Rhiannan's treatment remotely while she is on the road. Rhiannan can travel the world to compete in high intensity, international competitions, all whilst receiving her treatment. The technology offers a simple solution for people who live busy lives, travel, or work long hours.

Dental monitoring speeds up your treatment process and keeps you in contact with your dentist by providing regular updates. This is sometimes easier than scheduling appointments if you have a busy schedule. It also means appointments are only made when you need them, so you don’t need to book in unnecessary reviews.

Profilo° Dental uses dental monitoring for those patients receiving Invisalign treatment.

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