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Digital impressions – how technology has improved smiles across Sydney and Newcastle

Dental impressions are a common procedure in dentistry. If you’ve ever needed a crown or veneer, you may be familiar with the traditional process involved in taking impressions of your teeth. Dentists use an elastic material called Alginate,  that sets on your teeth after several minutes and creates an impression of your teeth and soft tissues, which is then used to help guide treatments and preventative care.

Whilst the method of taking an impression manually using a moulding solution is still used by some dentists today, patients can find it inconvenient, uncomfortable and messy. Fortunately, modern technology now offers an alternative.

What are digital impressions?

Dental impression technology has gone through a digital transformation to offer a more patient-friendly, easier and faster alternative to the traditional impression method. Profilo° Dental uses 3D scanning technology to create a virtual, computer-generated replica of your teeth and the hard and soft tissues of your mouth.

The scanning technology produces a perfect recreation of your teeth and jaw and provides your dentist with a clear image of what needs to be done to improve your oral health and the aesthetics of your teeth and smile. The virtual impression also gives you, the patient, a clear idea of the end result of your treatment and the opportunity to have an input into planning for your winning smile.

What are the benefits of digital impressions?

The advanced 3D scanning technology is more comfortable for you and quicker, with your dentist able to capture clear and accurate impression data of your teeth within mere minutes.

Other benefits of digital impressions include:

  • Virtual impressions of your teeth allow us to plan your dental implant treatment on a computer and then accurately place them in a more safe, efficient and predictable manner.
  • Patients experience a more stress-free environment with less time in the chair.
  • There’s no longer a need for the gooey impression materials that can cause some patients discomfort.
  • Both laser and digital scanner technology are safe for you and provide accurate information on the proposed areas of treatment.
  • You can see the results of your treatment and have input into your smile.
  • The scan of your teeth and the hard and soft tissues around them can be completed in just three to five minutes.
  • Your dental impression can be stored electronically, supporting a paper-free environment.
  • The new technology also eliminates the need for disposable plastic trays and impression materials, which would otherwise be sent to landfill.

At Profilo° Dental, we love discovering the latest technology and innovations. We always strive to find the best and most exciting ways of providing you with the highest standard of dental care.

We use 3D scanning technology to help guide a range of orthodontic, dental and aesthetic procedures so we can give you a better result in a shorter amount of time.

If you would like to find out more about our digital dental impressions or would like to book your next dental check-up, contact us on 1300 687 882.

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