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Introducing Dental Monitoring …because everyone's teeth move differently

Dental Monitoring is the world's first remote monitoring solution for Invisalign treatment. The Dental Monitoring app uses your smartphone to capture the movement of your teeth in real time, and communicates the information directly to your Profilo° doctor.

When you begin your Invisalign treatment, your dentist will design a plan based upon how we expect your teeth to move. Not all smiles are the same however, and your teeth may respond more quickly to your Invisalign aligner.

Being able to track the movement of your teeth means we know exactly how fast your smile is changing. If your teeth move faster than expected, the app will let you know you can move to your next aligner ahead of schedule.

Using the Dental Monitoring app can substantially reduce your treatment time. This makes your treatment with Invisalign faster and more efficient, taking the shortest  time possible to achieve your new smile.

What are the benefits of Dental Monitoring?



Dental Monitoring allows us to check how your teeth are moving from wherever you are, so long as you have your smartphone handy. We'll know when each aligner has finished working its magic, and the app will let you know when to move on to your next aligner.

Dental Monitoring also means appointments are only made as you need them, getting rid of the many review visits required with conventional orthodontic treatment. Issues like an aligner not quite fitting are picked up as soon as they arise, so we know to book you in straight away without any delay to your treatment.

All of this means we can complete your orthodontic treatment more precisely, comfortably, and in the least amount of time possible. Dental Monitoring is designed to work effectively with both clear braces or Invisalign, so you can experience the benefits of this technology no matter which treatment you choose.

How does Dental Monitoring work?

Dental Monitoring App


Dental Monitoring app is a revolutionary tool designed to help capture pictures of your teeth quickly and easily. Developed for Android and iPhones, the app guides you through the process of taking pictures when you need to.

Everything begins with digital imaging to produce 3D models of your teeth and smile. Your Dental Monitoring app uses this as the starting point for tracking the movement of your teeth. We will then guide you through how to take your first set of photos.

After that, your Dental Monitoring app will prompt you to take a new set of photos each week. Your photos upload automatically to the Dental Monitoring Cloud, where your teeth will be mapped. The results are checked by a team of Dental Monitoring doctors to confirm their accuracy.

The final results are delivered to our Profilo° doctors on a web-based Dashboard in the form of graphs, photos, and a 3D visual of your current tooth position. We'll be able to see how your teeth are moving, and make sure you're smile is aligning exactly how it's supposed to.

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