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Is Zoom! Teeth Whitening Right for You?

Zoom! In-Chair Whitening is one of the most effective, safe and quickest professional teeth whitening systems available.

Teeth whitening is the most traditional of the cosmetic dental procedures available.  The results are immediate and can be dramatic.  If you are after information on whether teeth whitening is the most appropriate option for you, see our blog comparing tooth whitening and dental veneers

How does it work?

The active ingredient in the whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Both contain hydrogen and oxygen. When the whitening gel meets the surface of the teeth, the peroxide molecule breaks down and penetrates into the tooth, removing the stains within the teeth.

The activation lamp (blue LED light) that is used during the in-chair Zoom! Whitening procedure helps to activate the gel quicker and more efficiently.

The Process

While not meant to be comprehensive, here’s a run-down of what to expect when you’re going through the procedure.


We need to ensure that Zoom! Whitening is the best option for you. We make some custom fitted trays for your use after the procedure. These are to use with desensitizing gel after the procedure to help with any “zingers” and for use with top up whitening products - especially useful if you have joined our  whitening for life club.

Tooth Whitening procedure

Your Profilo dentist will prepare you for your Zoom! In chair whitening procedure by covering your gums and lips so that only your teeth will be exposed during your whitening treatment. This is to protect your soft tissues from possible chemical burns from the bleaching gel. Once the soft tissue in your mouth is protected we will apply the Zoom! Teeth Whitening gel. The Zoom! Whitening light is then used to activate the bleaching gel.

We will leave you to relax for 15-minutes, before repeating the procedure up to another three times.  After the final application of Zoom! Whitening gel, we apply a desensitising gel to your teeth which will help reduce the chances of experiencing tooth sensitivity.

Why 15 min sessions?

The whole point to having Zoom! In chair whitening is to get great results fast.  Teeth whitening relies on the breakdown of the peroxide into hydrogen and oxygen.  Once the peroxide has broken down (about 15 mins) the efficacy of the product has stopped.  We therefore replace the “exhausted” gel with new peroxide to start the process again and ensure further stain removal and whitening takes place.

Keeping Your Smile Bright and White

After your Zoom! Whitening treatment, your Profilo dentist will send you home with post procedure instructions and your Zoom! Touch-up kit so that you can easily maintain the results of your tooth-whitening procedure.

The home touch-up kit will include custom-fitted whitening trays, desensitising gel, and top up whitening gel.

How long the results last vary from person to person as the effects of the tooth whitening are diminished over time by diet and other habits such as smoking and drinking tea. Our blog  6 things to avoid after tooth whitening to maintain you beautiful white smile gives more information on this.


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