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Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule provides eligible children $1,000 of dental treatment spread over a 2 year period.

The Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule is finally underway. As of 1st January 2014, eligible children are entitled to $1,000 of dental treatment spread over a 2 year period.

Dental treatment is carried out in private dental practice and each determines whether to bulk-bill or charge it's regular fees with parents paying the gap.

At Profilo Newcastle, we have chosen to set our fees for treatment under this initiative as equal to the amounts provided by Medicare. This is a conscious decision intended to be a clear statement that we view the dental health & wellbeing of our children as taking precedence over our bottom line.

By establishing a no gap standard, we believe that this will remove the barrier of cost for those families unable to attend a dentist and allow us to provide dental treatment that their children may need.

This plan is a significant improvement over the previous Teen Dental Scheme, which provided for exams, x-rays and cleans but not any dental treatment that was required. Dental services under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule include:

  • Dental check-ups
  • Teeth cleaning & hygiene therapy
  • X-rays
  • Fillings & restorations
  • Fissure seals or sealants
  • Extractions or tooth removal
  • Dental infections & emergencies
  • Partial dentures

To be eligible, your family must be in receipt of the Family Tax Benefit A or receive a relevant Government payment. More information can be found on the government department of health website.

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