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Meet your local Dentist: Evan Stacey

Evan is our lead dental surgeon in Newcastle and a strong advocate for high quality dental care that complements the long-term health of a patient’s teeth and smile.

After making the sea change from Sydney to Newcastle, Evan has fallen in love with everything the region has to offer and spends most of his spare time exploring the beaches with his two friendly Siberian Huskies.

A highly skilled, intelligent and creative individual, we spent some time with Evan to find out what makes him tick so you can get to know your dentist a little better.

Evan, when did you decide you wanted to be a dentist?

I was studying landscape design after finishing a business degree when I discovered dentistry. I always knew I wanted to do something artistic and science-based with my life, and dentistry has been the perfect fit for those passions.

The attention to detail, creativity and personalised approach that comes with building teeth, building smiles and building faces is something I endlessly enjoy. Caring and helping people to gain confidence and improve their wellbeing has been an added bonus that I absolutely love. After all, your smile is one of the first things you notice about someone else.

As a dentist, what is your philosophy?

I don’t believe in a band-aid solution to dental issues. My philosophy and one that Profilo shares is that ahigh qualitydental treatment plan should provide for a patient’s whole life, so the things that I doeveryday are designed to benefit people over the long-term.

What is the most rewarding thing about dentistry?

It is so rewarding helping people who need a full mouth reconstruction. People who have suffered a broken jaw, been in an accident, have severe tooth decay or even lost teeth can struggle to eat, speak and, as a result, lose a lot of confidence in themselves. Restoring someone’s psychological and health wellbeing through a full mouth reconstruction can be transformative to his or her life, so it’s hugely rewarding for me.

EvanGive us a sneak peek behind the scenes – what’s something nobody knows about dentistry?

There’s a lot more that goes into dentistry than the patient simply coming in, jumping on the chair and having their treatment done. We spend a lot of time behind the scenes planning and coordinating every patient’s treatment plan. We’re dedicated to getting a result that we are 100% happy with, so the planning phase is really intensive.

An interesting thing about Profilo’s practices is that a lot of the work we do is digital. In fact, one of the innovations we’ve introduced is the video-based Dental Monitoring App for smartphones. This basically gives patient’s the capability to track their oral health from anywhere in the world and lessens the amount of in-practice appointments they need to have. It’s really user-friendly and has become particularly popular with the younger audience who spend a lot of time on their mobiles anyway.

How do you relax the mood for patients in the clinic?

The assistants help a lot; they have a few quality jokes up their sleeves. But Profilo also has a strong commitment to making every dentist visit relaxed. We talk to the patient ‘where they are at’, and provide plenty of detail on their condition and their treatment plan. Helping them to feel informed and develop an appreciation for the benefits can take away fear and actually lead to excitement for the positive impact treatment can have on their confidence, smile and health.

Outside of the practice, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

You would probably find me at the beach with my two dogs. They are full of energy, so I take them out twice a day to give them a little exercise and fresh air. I also love listening to good music and getting a little creative in the kitchen.

What Netflix series have you binge-watched lately?

Like most people, I’ve really enjoyed watching Stranger Things. I love the 1980’s aesthetic and sound and the development of the characters.

I’ve also really enjoyed the series Mr. Robot about a hacker. It’s hard to explain the storyline without giving away the good bits; you just have to watch it!

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