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Meet your local Dentist: Vishnu Varma

Vishnu is our lead dental surgeon in Sydney and is known by his patients for his calming nature, attention to detail and passion for dentistry.

An avid traveller, artist and a bit of a gym junkie at heart, Vishnu’s dental philosophy is built around creating a comfortable and soothing environment and helping people in pain or who are unhappy with their smile to regain confidence and live pain-free.

We spent a little time with Vishnu to find out about his world inside and outside of the surgery.

Vishnu, what inspired you to pursue a career in dentistry?

I initially studied medical science. I was working with someone who specialised in neuroscience and he shared with me a story about his newborn child. He was so caught up with work that he didn’t get to see his newborn until after a week.

I realised medicine didn’t really provide the work-life balance I wanted, so I made the move to dentistry. I’ve been working as a dentist for a while now and love what I do.

I also love to sculpt and draw so I wanted my job to involve using my hands and being creative, which dentistry provides.

That’s interesting. Can you tell us a little more about the link between art and dentistry?

I think dentistry is art at a certain level. Recreating someone’s mouth requires a level of artistry and creativity and an eye for detail, so art and dentistry tie together really well for me.

As well as art, do you have any other hobbies?

 I love going to the gym. I see it as a stress release, so you’ll often find me there. I also love living in Sydney as there are so many amazing restaurants to visit and enjoy.

 I enjoyed reading comic books as well back when I had the time.

Have you had the chance to take advantage of that work-life balance by travelling?

Yes; my favourite holiday destination is probably Venice as it’s so different and I just love everything about it. It won’t be around forever as well, so there’s a bittersweet beauty about it. If there is one place I could live besides Australia, it would be Italy.

How do your patients describe you?

(Turns to a patient nearby) How would you describe me? Apparently, I am gentle, caring and funny.

How do you relax the mood for patients in the surgery?

I probably make fun of myself a little bit and we always have music on in the surgery.

However, I do find just talking to the patients and getting to know them helps them relax a little bit and forget where they are.

What’s your music of choice?

I personally love a little house music. It gets patients moving.

What inspires you to jump out of bed and come to the surgery each day?

vishI love my work; I get lost in it. It takes me away from everything that is happening in my life and it’s a great motivator. You can always get better at dentistry; it’s an ever-changing practice rather than procedural, so there are always new ways to do things.

I’d like to travel overseas and do some training on cosmetic work so I can bring back new techniques that aren’t currently being used in Australia. There’s so much happening on a global scale that Australia hasn’t explored, and Profilo is very much about being at the forefront of new technologies that will better help us to in turn help our patients.

What would you be if you weren’t a dentist?

I currently do sculpting and drawing for personal enjoyment, but I’d probably try to focus on that more. Art is so expressive and when I am in a certain mood, it’s all I want to do. The great thing about sculpture is that you never know where it’s going. You start off with something and it generally ends up completely different to what you expected, which is really cool.

I’m also a big supporter of the Red Cross and have always been involved in some way. I’d love to do some charity work overseas one day.

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