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The secret way to straighten your teeth

One week to go to the school formal.

You’ve finally found the perfect outfit.

You look in the mirror and grin.

Aaaargh! Next week is your braces appointment. By Saturday you’ll have a mouth full of metal.

Not a good look for your Facebook page.

Did you know many teenagers have their teeth straightened without the need for metal braces? Invisalign Teen uses plastic aligners that slip snugly over your teeth to gently guide and position your teeth.

If you think Invisalign works for minor corrections only, you might be surprised to hear it can effectively treat most teeth-straightening needs.


This includes removing gaps between teeth, making your teeth look less crowded or correcting an overbite.

It’s your secret – no one will even know you’re getting orthodontic treatment.

A big advantage of Invisalign is that you have the freedom to play sport and eat what you like – even popcorn, crusty bread and apples.

You simply remove the aligners when you eat, and to brush and floss your teeth. In fact, keeping your teeth clean and healthy is easier with Invisalign than with conventional braces.

Another plus is that you don’t need to worry about elastics, getting brackets adjusted or rushing to make an emergency visit if a wire breaks.

When it’s time to move on to the next aligner in your set, your orthodontist will send you an alert via a smartphone app.

When you finish one set of aligners you’ll see our doctors for a quick checkup to make sure your teeth are moving as they are supposed to, and to get your next set of aligners.

Conventional braces can be painful or feel bulky – all that metal can irritate your cheeks, gums or lips. Because Invisalign aligners are made from plastic they are more comfortable than metal braces. And if you lose an aligner, we are able to replace it for you.

The time it takes and the cost to straighten teeth with Invisalign Teen can be pretty much the same as for metal braces.

It’s worth checking out whether Invisalign Teen would work for you.

And of course, no one will actually know you’re receiving treatment. So you can relax and smile for the camera with complete confidence.

To find out more about Invisalign and whether it is for you, take advantage of our free Invisalign simulation offer here