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The truth about teeth whitening

The search for a whiter and brighter smile has only become more and more popular. And with so many whitening products now available, people will try anything for the confidence of a whiter smile.

The two most common options for teeth whitening today are over-the-counter pharmacy products (such as whitening strips, gels and toothpastes) and either take-home kits or in-chair procedures at your dental practice.

While all products promise to enhance your pearly whites, not all whitening options are the same.

Here’s are few facts to think about before making your choice:

  • The key difference between whitening treatments by your dentist and over-the-counter products from a pharmacy is the strength of the whitening gel. Only treatments by a dentist kits have a high enough concentration of the active whitening ingredient to produce noticeable results. Over-the-counter products aren’t permitted to contain concentrations that cause harm from unsupervised treatment, and will not have any noticeable effect.
  • Although dentist whiteners contain a higher concentration of the active whitening ingredient which gives you a brighter smile, the treatment can be adjusted if you experience any early signs of sensitivity. Dentist whitening products often contain desensitisers to make your treatment a more comfortable experience. The whitening process will be closely monitored by your dentist to minimise any sensitivity and discomfort, so you can start showing off your pearly whites with a big smile after your treatment.
  • Not all whitening options are suitable for everyone. We are all unique and so too are our teeth, and you may find that you are more sensitive to some products over others. Having your teeth whitening managed by your dentist is important, because your mouth will be thoroughly assessed prior to the whitening process. This allows for potential areas of sensitivity to be picked up and if any pre-treatment procedures (such as replacing defective fillings) are needed.
  •  Whitening is not a suitable option for everyone, so it’s best to seek advice before using a whitener on your teeth. Your dentist will always look out for you and your teeth. If your dentist feels that whitening is not the right option for you, he or she will recommend alternative options to consider.

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