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Timing your child's first Orthodontic exam

The ideal time for children to have their first Orthodontic Appointment is 7 years old when we can identify subtle issues with face growth.

Child's First Orthodontic Exam | Profilo° Dental Newcastle & Sydney

Their adult teeth have begun to emerge, and their faces are about to experience significant growth and change.

We can identify whether your child may benefit from orthodontic treatment in the future, and when the ideal time for this would be. 

The aim at this age isn't to start orthodontic treatment, but to ensure that your child's growth & development are normal. If your child has the early signs of orthodontic issues, we can plan for the ideal time to treat your child in the future.

Starting at the right time for your child generally minimises the complexity and time taken to complete orthodontic treatment.

This minimises the need to take out teeth, encourages proper growth of the jaws, and increases the self-esteem of your child if teeth or facial appearance are affecting their confidence.

The picture above shows Wil, whose parents were concerned with what they thought was an excessively big lower jaw

They sought out the opinion of an orthodontist who gave them two options. 

The first was to extract teeth in an attempt to hold back growth of the lower jaw, a process that would take a number of years and with an outcome that was unpredictable.

The second was to wait until he had finished growing and place him in braces in preparation for orthognathic jaw surgery, a process that is quite involved and expensive.  


underbite surgical correction

When we assessed Wil, we saw that his big lower jaw was the result of an underdeveloped upper jaw. This gave the incorrect impression that his lower jaw was too big.

We designed a unique treatment blueprint for Wil, aimed specifically at growing his small upper jaw. Our elegant solution involved the use of two simple techniques.

The first gently expanded his upper jaw to an ideal size, and the second stimulated forward growth of his upper jaw using Bollards, completing his treatment within 12 months.

Braces were not needed to treat Wil, as we definitively resolved his jaw disproportion with our innovative treatment. He did not need years of orthodontics or jaw surgery when older.

Starting treatment at the perfect time allows us to resolve growth discrepancies with simple, inexpensive techniques. We can create harmonious facial balance and jaw proportion, giving your child the face that nature intended for them.

big lower jaw orthodontic correction