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What are Invisalign Clear Aligner Refinements?

For some people undergoing treatment with clear aligners such as Invisalign treatment, their teeth won’t move exactly as planned.  This is easily rectified with “refinements” to get you back on track to achieve the planned outcome.  

There are several factors that increase your chance of needing a refinement:

  • The more crowding you have the more likely you are to need refinements at the end of treatment to align one or two teeth that are not in the position as planned at the beginning.
  • Complex movements such as rotating teeth often require further refinements.  The new trays allow the pressure points on the teeth to be placed in a more desirable  position to gain the best movement.
  • Ill fitting trays
  • Not wearing aligners due to Illness, broken aligners, forgetting to wear them.

Basically refinements are just extra trays made up for you to wear.  They are made the same way as your original trays - taking a 3D scan.  They may be given to you part way through your treatment (replacing any trays you have), or at the end of treatment (as extras on top of your existing trays).  When you are given them depends on why you need a refinement.

There is NO ADDITIONAL FEE for the refinement trays through us here at Profilo Dental.  This is not the case for all Invisalign providers, or for all other clear aligner systems - please check when deciding where you will have treatment.

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