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What to expect with Invisalign treatment

We’re in the business of smile improvement. With the Invisalign orthodontic treatment system, we can give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

While it’s not an option to have a fairy godmother give you the smile you’ve dreamt about, Profilo Dental has the next best thing – the Invisalign orthodontic treatment system. These clear plastic braces are radically different from conventional braces. Here’s what you can expect from Invisalign treatment.

The Initial Consultation for Invisalign Treatment

This appointment is all about education and planning. We’ll explain the basics of the Invisalign system, show you what the aligners look like and even create a free smile simulation so you can see what your teeth should look like after treatment. We also discuss the issue of cost and work with you to develop a payment plan if necessary. Finally, we’ll use digital imaging and computer-assisted 3D scans to build the model of your mouth and teeth from which the aligners are made.

Making the Invisalign Aligners

This part of the process goes on behind the scenes. While you go about your daily activities, the Invisalign aligner lab will use the 3D scans we’ve made to create your treatment plan. They'll send it to us for review and any revisions we think are necessary. Once we finish this review/revision process, Align Technology, Inc will create your aligners and ship them to us. This part of the process can take up to three weeks.

First Fitting

When you come in for your fitting appointment, we’ll bond special fasteners to your teeth. These hold the aligners securely in place. Called attachments, they are made of a clear plastic material. In a few cases, we may need to sand the tooth surfaces very slightly to make a little extra room for tooth movement. The sanding is painless and takes off just a tiny bit of the tooth enamel. We’ll fit the first set of aligners in place and do some more education about wearing Invisalign clear aligners on a daily basis.

Ongoing Treatment

You’ll wear your aligners around 22 hours a day, taking them out only to eat, clean your teeth or for a special occasion like a wedding. Every few weeks, you’ll come back in for a checkup and a new set of aligners. You can also call us if an attachment comes loose or an aligner doesn’t seem to fit quite right.

End of the Road

Eventually – usually about six months to a year – your treatment will be complete. While you can stop wearing the aligners, we usually recommend a night-time retainer for at least another six months to a year. Depending on your particular situation, you may need to wear the retainer for longer periods or have a tiny wire cemented to the back of the teeth. This ensures the teeth stay in their new positions.

Any smile can be improved, and Invisalign clear aligners can be used for people of all ages. Download our free ebook for more information. Please contact Profilo Dental in Surrey Hills and Newcastle to learn more about Invisalign treatment and how it can give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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