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Winning attitude with a winning smile!

Profilo dental client Rhiannan Iffland secured the title of the women’s Red Bull Cliff Diving Champion 2018.

Rhiannan beat tough rival Adrianna Jimenez to take out her third consecutive women’s title with a total points score of 830.

Dr Evan Stacey has been servicing Rhiannan’s dental needs at the Profilo offices even when she is overseas competing. “I was worried I would have to stay in one place during the treatment, but Dr Stacey was really understanding of my situation. In fact, he said he had worked with others in a similar position. The Dental Monitoring app has been an amazing tool that has allowed them to track my progress. All I do is take a weekly photo of my teeth and send it to my dentist. They evaluate how my teeth are going and either organise a chat, make a recommendation or simply touch base to make sure everything is going ok,” Rhiannan said.

In front of a crowd of 70,000 passionate fans Rhiannan was able to put on a diving masterclass all whilst she was straightening her teeth.

We are extremely proud of Rhiannan and excited to see what she will conquer in the future!